Monday, November 3, 2014

:: Ear Health Screening for Neurofibromatosis Patient ::

Few days back i went for a hearing screening test.
So far, my hearing is good at the normal scale. Later i insist to meet the doctor in charge.

I meet the doctor by the name Dr Lim from Assunta Hospital.
I told him i need to check my ear as i'm a NF patient. He put a smile on his face and he said "Wow....really? Do you have any fibroma on your body?"
I show him the one on my hand. He smile again.

Everything was fine. And he advice me to check my ear every year.

Dulu tak ramai tahu tentang Neurofibromatosis ni...some doctor also didn't know about this. But i'm glad there are afew that really alert about NF.

Come let's spread the word with me!

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